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Syd Epp, Synergy Gold | Signed Athlete

I just wanted thank you so much for everything you have done for me.  From the first time I was on Synergy and I was terrified of having you as a Coach.  Two years later on Synergy again and you putting yourself out there and talking to coach to get me signed.  

Your always helpful pitching tips that would change my pitch automatically, to you helping me with my batting and me hitting .400 - .500 on Pride.  

You have made me the player I am today and for that I am very thankful.  

You are truly one of the greatest people and Coach that has entered my life.  Thank you so very much.  I definitely couldn't have done this without you.

Rebecca (Becky) Allen, Synergy Gold | Signed Athlete

Throughout my softball career I have been fortunate to have many amazing memories, coaches and teammates. The Synergy Gold team was no exception to that. I was able to be apart of the first team put together in 2011-2012, I was lucky enough to be coach by Kim Brooks and a multitude of other coaches that taught me so much about the recruiting process as well as give me a taste of what it would be like to be on an elite college team.


With Synergy Gold and the opportunity to travel down to the United States to many different recruiting tournaments I was able to receive a scholarship to Seward County Community College where I had an amazing 2 year experience. My 2nd year I was named conference MVP and made 1st Team All-Conference.


From there I transferred to Tarleton State University in Texas where my team and I made it the furthest in school history to the Super Regional Tournament. I was also able to obtain my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. None of this would have been possible without the support and teachings of the Synergy Gold team.


I look back on those memories very highly and would always recommend them to any athlete considering furthering their softball career. Thank You for everything! 

Claire Fergusson, Synergy Gold | Signed Athlete

Kim, along with the coaching staff she brings in, helps make Synergy what it is. The way the staff build up the team to excel in such a short amount of time with a new group of players made me a much stronger player and person.


I’ve not only made lifelong friendships with my teammates and coaches, but was able to showcase my skills to collegiate coaches. Through Synergy and its coaching staff with its wealth of knowledge, I was able to gain the expertise to make valuable connections with colleges and their softball programs.


Synergy gave me the confidence and increased my motivation to commit to a four-year university program. Without Synergy, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now with my undergraduate playing career and degree under my belt!

Paige St. Pierre, Synergy Gold | Signed Athlete

Playing on the Synergy Gold travel team was a great experience that I will never forgot. It provided me with amazing coaches, new friendships and more time playing the sport I love. Each coach continually looked out for all the girls on the team’s best interest. Being on this team also helped me to achieve my long-term goal to play college level softball. First at Seward Country Community College and now at Southwest Baptist University. 


I shared many great memories with the players and coaches while also learning lots of new skills in order to help me succeed on and off the field. The laughs and friendships built on the road and the early mornings and late nights at the ball park are truly unforgettable, amazing, moments in my life. I highly recommend taking the opportunity to play on the Syngery Gold travel team. 

Sydni Kemper, Synergy Gold | Signed Athlete

Making Synergy Gold at the age of 14 was exciting for me because prior to that experience I had only played for one other travel team. Making the U18 group was a big turning point in my softball career as travelling, training, and associating with older athletes, and playing for coaches that always expected the best out of me really opened my eyes to what I could do if I pursued a collegiate career in this sport.


Playing for Synergy Gold not only taught be the proper fundamentals of softball, it taught me to work hard, to be on time, to play for your team mates, and to play so at the end of the day you are happy with your performance.

Kim Brooks developed fantastic relationships with her athletes and setup an environment where respect is demanded, keeping it safe and competitive. The Synergy Gold Softball team is a learning environment that is tailored to all age groups and abilities,

Susan Kemper

Mother of a Sydni Kemper | Signed Athlete

“Navigating the recruitment process is certainly challenging”, says Kemper, “Surround yourself with a supportive team and take advantage of various opportunities for your child to been seen by recruitment coaches, the Synergy Gold Travel Team provided this for our daughter.”

Julia Harris, Synergy Gold | Signed Athlete

My experience on Synergy Gold was not only beneficial to my softball career but I also gained an immense amount of life experience from it.


Looking back at my time on Synergy Gold I am so grateful to have gotten that experience that many shy away from. From being in a college recruiting environment to being able to travel and create memories and friendships that have lasted a life time was unforgettable.

Synergy Gold provides the opportunity to showcase your softball and teamwork skills to coaches from exceptional schools in a variety of places across the US. 

If playing college ball is your aspiration, I would absolutely recommend synergy to provide you with that exposure to schools while maintaining a fun and memorable experience.

Cassie "Fred" McLeod, Synergy Gold | College Prospect

Synergy Gold built confidence within me to contact College coaches and to up my game. From the tryouts to the final showcase tournament, the Synergy Gold coaches pushed me to learn new skills, challenge my mental blocks, and improve my overall game.  As a result, my performance on and off the field has improved.   


I loved every minute of the "season" and was sad to see it end after the City of Lights Showcase tournament in Las Vegas.  The 2017 Synergy Gold team became part of 'my ball family' and the connections I made with players from across the Lower Mainland have carried on throughout the 2018 League / Tournament season. It's always great to see the players - and their parents - on the bleachers cheering for me!

My supportive Synergy Gold family believes in me.  The confidence, technical skills, and my newly discovered mindset has given me the ability to try new things. Now I have confidence to dive for the ball or compete at the college level.

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